Friday, 20 June 2014

Busy as bumblebees!

It's hard to know what to blog about this week as so much has gone on!

Lets start from where we left off on our last blog....our VIP girls night in! What a fantastic evening we had. We invited some of our favourite suppliers and all of our brides to an evening of all things girly. We were so overwhelmed with the fantastic response from our lovely brides and the shop was absolutely buzzing! It is definitely an event we will be doing again so keep your eyes peeled!

Saturday saw the lycra come out on mass for the St Ives cycle race! There were some very impressive athletes. We've also got some very appropriate window displays in at the moment ready for the Tour De Frances arrival in Cambridgeshire!

Jo was a very proud Godmum this week as she went to watch her Godson, Kieran, play his first solo gig. There are lots of good things coming from this young man so keep your eyes peeled and follow him on Facebook @Kieran Bernstone Music.


And during craft hour.....Thank you to Linda who popped in to help me finish my baby blanket for a very special little boy who we welcomed in to the world this week. Little Leo Burnett has totally stolen my heart!

Thursday, 12 June 2014

VIP Girls Night In

Here at Shades of White we like to keep things fresh and exciting. Our brand new VIP events are our way of saying thank you to all of our brides. So tonight for the first time we are holding an invitation only VIP Girls night in. We have hairdressers and makeup artists at the ready, yummy cakes being baked, entertainment warming up and a fridge that can only be described as "well stocked"! Fingers crossed for a fabulous evening.....we'll post some pictures after the event!

In other news we are pleased to report we now have 6 beautiful Signets on the river, Mum and Dad are very protective so lets hope they last longer than the ducklings!!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

To veil or not to veil?

There are many stories and myths surrounding wedding veils, some of them are rather sweet and some of them, we think, come from drinking too many glasses of vino! Most people we meet believe that the veil is a symbol of virginity and modesty. Roman brides wore an intensely flame-coloured and fulsome veil, called the flammeum, apparently intended to protect the bride from evil spirits on her wedding day. (Although we are yet to be asked for a full red veil!) In Victorian times the length and weight of your veil was a symbol of your status. Even today the longest veil is called the Royal length.

Our advise to the modern day bride is this....just try one on!

Even if you are unsure whether or not you fancy wearing a veil at all there is no harm in trying. A veil for todays bride does many things. It covers the arms and shoulders whilst you are in church or the ceremony, it creates a beautiful frame around you and your wedding dress, and the tradition of it transports us back to bygone days.

The length of a veil can be important and is often dictated by the style of dress you choose so take a chance and give one a might just surprise yourself!