Wednesday, 25 February 2015

All the Colours of the Rainbow!

We are always astounded, as are our brides, when we start unfolding the endless colour swatches from our Bridesmaid supplier Dessy. There seem to be hundreds of colours and sometimes we wonder where the bizarre sounding names come from, so we've done a little bit of research and its all much clearer now!

There are some obvious comparisons....

From Periwinkle to Espresso and Apple slice to Amethyst there are some colours we can just imagine.

Then we get to the slightly more unusual names and our imaginations run wild. So here is what we have discovered...
CONCORD - Nothing to do with high speed air travel, this colour actually refers to the dark Blue/Purple of the concord grape.

CELADON - A beautiful pastel green this is actually a term for ceramics denoting both the glaze and the colour. Originating in China the production of this ceramic then spread to other Asian regions.

CERULEAN - A vibrant blue colour, the first recorded use of cerulean was in 1590 The word is derived from the Latin word 'caeruleus' which means dark blue, blue or green. Other sources say it derives from words which mean heavenly sky.

There really is more to the rainbow than we knew!