Thursday, 15 May 2014

How to lace up a corset back Wedding Dress.

As your wedding day approaches now is the time to decide who will be helping you to get in to your dress? Most dresses fasten with either a zip covered by buttons or corset lacing. We have put together some tips for all those brides who have corset lacing to take the stress away on your big day.

  • Give yourself plenty of time. We suggest at least 1/2 hour to lace up a dress, this gives you time to ensure it is as neat as possible for the photographs.
  • Start at the top and feed the laces thorough the first two loops making sure the lengths of ribbon are even.
  • Now start lacing downwards. Remembering it is just like lacing up a shoe.
  • Try to keep the laces as flat as possible as you go. It is much easier to lace it neatly rather than trying to correct it afterwards.
  • Once you are at the bottom now you can start pulling the corset in. Make sure the bride has positioned her bust in the correct place before you start.
  • When you have finished pulling in tie the laces in a knot at the bottom and tuck in. You may need to go up the dress to pull them down.
  • If you want to practise lacing up why not come along to one of the brides fittings and you can have a go before hand. We'll even give you 'Strictly Come Dancing' style scores out of ten!
Remember if you can lace up a trainer you can lace up a wedding dress!!!!

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